„LACKPROM” JSC is one of the leading manufacturers of paints and varnishes in Bulgaria, with 90 years of history. The production facility is built on a site spread over 200 000 square meters where the main production site of about 152000 square meters is located on the territory of Svetovrachane village, at a distance of 500 meters from the northern roadside of the ring-road and in close proximity to a railway, Podgumerska river and is only 15 km away from the capital city of Bulgaria.
The Company specializes in the development and manufacture of paints and varnishes, construction materials, auto-liquids and solvents and auto-cosmetics, synthetic resins, adhesives, heat-insulation materials, public services, trade in the country and abroad.

The production standards adopted by „LACKPROM” JSC are fully compliant to the highest requirements for quality assurance and environmental protection. The company’s quality assurance system has been certified according to EN ISO 9001 standard since 2001. The company has been given Letters of Reference by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, customers and business partners. The company’s policy with regards to the employees is characterized by mutual trust, responsibility and respect. The company has implemented and adopted successful practices for improving the knowledge and skills of its employees and workers. It is envisaged that investments in ecology activities and modernization of the manufacturing base will be made. The company employs 148 people.


The company’s product range encompasses alkyd and epoxy resins, paints, varnishes, primers, adhesives, special coatings and diluents designed for the construction industry, mechanical engineering, transport and furniture industry, power engineering and goods for everyday life.

• Goods for the construction industry:

– primers: impregnating, water-repellent, acrylic, silicate, silicone, vinyl;
– concrete-contact primers, sealing primers, „DISPOPLAST”® putty mixture;
– traditional exterior and masonry paints – acrylic, vinyl, silicone and silicate depending on the external environment and customer’s preferences („AK-1” ®;”XC-140”)
– interior paints (latex paints) in different colours, with no hazardous emissions, compliant to ЕN 13300 standard, with excellent covering properties and colour purity („DISPOVIT”®, „DISPOVIT SUPER”, LATEX NORMAL”, „DEVIL WHITE” ®;
– „BROKAT – EFFECT VARNISH” – high-quality colour acryl-based varnishes in beautiful modern pearl colours. Distinguished for their long-lasting brilliance, high durability, fade-resistant, UV-stable, resistant to weather and climate factors.
– Paint for beehives – suitable for painting wooden surfaces, both for interior and exterior application
– protective paint-and-varnish coating system with anti-fungi and anti-mould properties („DISPOVIT W”, and „SANITOL-NEW”- suitable for humid environment;
– polymer coating – acrylic and silicone – plain, dragged and scratched plasters
– quartz paint – acrylic and silicone – suitable for both exterior and interior application, ecological, harmless, gives the painted surface a „structural plaster” texture
– Exterior Insulation and Finishing System with EPS panels;
– waterproofing material („AK-15”);
– „AQUA AQ-s SERIES”- a new generation water-based varnishes and paints for wooden and metal and concrete surfaces („AQ-12”, „AQ-16”), developed and manufactured in accordance with the European safety and power-efficiency standards;
– polyurethane varnishes - coloured and transparent,
– Tile paint – acrylic-silicone paint;
– adhesives ( „С-200”, „Universal Construction Adhesive”, „Lackol-wood”, parquet adhesives)

• Goods for the furniture industry: – protective impregnating primers for wooden surfaces,
– varnishes and paints for kids toys and school-boards;
– water-based azure varnishes and stains;
– water-based grinding primer for wooden surfaces; water-based parquet varnishes;
- „FURNITURE VARNISH AQ -2500” water-based, transparent, acrylic, suitable for interior application. Properties: fast drying time, high hardness, long-lasting gloss effect, water and chemicals resistant, resistant to mechanical impacts. Protects the furniture colour from fading and aging.
– Fire resistant paint „NOVOTERM” ®;
– lead-free paints and varnishes;
– linseed oils, putty, floorings, adhesives and etc.

• Goods for the automobile industry: – Paints, primers and putty for the automobile industry, highly resistant and compliant to the modern colour trends;
– anti-freezing liquids („LASOLC” ®) and auto-cosmetics („Winter Gloss” ®)

• Goods for the industry and mechanical engineering: - lead-free paints and varnishes;
- epoxy primers, varnishes, paints,
- nitrocellulose paints and varnishes – white, coloured and transparent;
- anti corrosion primers for ferrous and non-ferrous metals (vinyl, alkyd, chlorine-rubber, epoxy, acrylate- AQ-023- water-based, universal);
- putty (acrylate ShpritzKit АК-2К-002, epoxy putty )
- heat-resistant paint and varnish („Silicone 300°С”, „Silicone 450°С”, „Silicone 600°С”);
- New polyurethane fast-drying varnishes for metal surfaces;

• Special coatings (for specific applications - chemistry, corrosion and etc.) : - fire resistant paints for metal and wooden surfaces and cables („LACKOTHERM ВС-21” ®);
- structured varnishes for the mechanical-engineering industry,
- epoxy resins; varnishes; enamel varnishes; primers; paints with high percentage of solid substance
- industrial flooring „EPIZOL - 1®”, including coloured mosaic flooring,
- chlorine-rubber paints, varnishes and primers;
- fast-drying enamel varnish for PVC
- Road marking paints - acrylate, chlorine-rubber;
- protective anti corrosion systems – acrylate, two-component, epoxy, alkyd, chlorine-rubber, including for galvanized metal (primer –„ХС-05” and paint „ХС-15”);
- anti corrosion systems MIOX;
- high-tech coatings –zinc-epoxy and etc.


Domestically, the varnish-and-paint products of „LACKPROM” JSC are distributed through its distribution network, by direct sales and by participation in tender procedures in compliance with the Public Procurements Act. The company operates its own vehicle fleet that handles all domestic deliveries. The international sales are realized both through direct deliveries and by indirect deliveries – through different companies – manufacturers and exporters of machinery, equipment, furniture, kids’ toys, and etc.


1252 Sofia, Svetovrachene
16, Sinchec street
Lackprom JSC

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fax  +359 2 996 3139;

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