Glarus Hotel

„Glarus” hotel is located in the centre of „Sunny beach” resort, adjacent to the beach itself.

The hotel complex

The three-star hotel features two-hundred and sixteen rooms and suits, each furnished with an air-conditioner; a spacious restaurant with its own terrace, a number of bars and smaller restaurants situated both inside and outside the main building, conference rooms, shops offering souvenirs and beach accessories, an outdoor swimming pool and a parking lot with thirty parking spaces.

Since 2008 has been launched a new programme for renovation of the complex. This programme includes construction of a new swimming pool, a lobby bar and a sports centre, renovation of the hotel’s restaurant and façade and completely new furniture for the rooms.


The main restaurant has 200 seats both inside the main building on the ground floor and at the restaurant’s outdoor terrace. The many restaurants, eateries and shops surrounding the complex add a unique romantic atmosphere.


The complex includes outdoor swimming pools suited for children and adults. Sports facility with a fitness centre, sauna and a hot whirlpool are available.

Markets orientation

The hotel encompasses the unique natural features of Sunny Beach resort, modern material resources and excellent servicing. The hotel is orientated mainly towards the European market and Russia.