Synergon Transport

„Synergon Transport” Ltd. has been a sole proprietor limited company since 15.12.2008. The company’s field of activity is specialized transportation of LPG. The company offers: domestic transport and shipping services as well as international transport.
At present the company operates a fleet of 15 vehicles. Fourteen specialized car in ADR equipped with pumps and meters for transporting LPG with a total carrying capacity 200 tons and an emergency traction engine ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)).
All vehicles meet European standards for safety and environmental protection - Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5.


Vehicles for LPG transportation are with carrying capacity of 7t., 10t., 13t., 17t. and one 20 tons and their brands are „SKANIYA”, which are used mainly for boot chains of gas stations, refilling purposes at urban, suburban, villa and hotel sites, „VOLVO”, “RENAULT PREMIUM” and “DAF”. These are used for transportation of special-purpose tank semi-trailers equipped with pumps and LPG fuel meters.

Location and Partners

„Kremikovtsi” terminal – seven LPG road tankers. This terminal supplies different filling sites in Western Bulgaria. Main destinations are „Synergon Petroleum” Ltd, „Toplivo” PLC, „ECO” as well as a large number of private properties and villas.

“Dobrich” and “Rousse” terminal – five LPG road tankers. This terminal supplies different filling sites in Eastern Bulgaria - „Synergon Petroleum” Ltd, „Toplivo” PLC, a number of hotels in the resorts „Sunny beach”, „Golden sands” and „Albena”.

“Burgas” terminal – two LPG road tankers. This terminal supplies the LPG bottling plant in the town of Burgas.


"Synergon Transport" Ltd.
1870 Sofia
24 "Markovets" str.
Kremikovtsi district

tel.: 02814 5435
fax: 02814 5434