V-Gas Bulgaria JSC is an LPG – selling company on the Bulgarian market for more than 20 years – starting from 1998 as “Shell gas Bulgaria”, as “Vitogas Bulgaria” in 2007, and as of 2013 it renames to V-gas Bulgaria JSC. On 31st May 2019 the company was acquired by Synergon holding Plc.

The company’s main growth market segments are sales of Liquefied Petroleum Gas for the automotive industry, industrial and domestic bulk purposes and cylinders of 10 kg and 20 kg.

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General view

V-Gas Bulgaria aims to act efficiently, responsibly and gainfully in the economic activity for storing, distributing and trading with LPG, as it maintains high standards of work and safety and long – term positions in a competitive environment.

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Products for business and households

LPG Cylinders

At V-Gas’s filling plant in Benkovski village filling of LPG in cylinders is done in conditions of protected environment, as all technical requirements and safety rules are met. In that way, cylinders in a technically approved condition are being filled, heat-shrink foil sealed over the valve and delivered to the Bulgarian end user.
LPG usage supplies energy for heating, hot water, cooking and other household activities (barbeque, camping etc)

Bulk reservoir installations

V-Gas’s system of LPG supply is modern, efficient, safe and handy. It covers the whole process - from researching the needs of а customer, through mounting the bulk reservoir, obtaining the local safety regulations for the installation and finally - the regular supply of Propane-Butane mix or pure Propane. Thus, V-Gas gives an optimal solution for providing energy in various industrial sectors, agricultural and household needs. V-Gas offers its business clients a wide range of over-ground and underground bulk reservoirs with variable capacities, where each individual customer’s technical needs and specifications are met. V-Gas takes care of maintaining the tanks (reservoirs). Our technical department provides to the customers the technical design, building and legalisation of the LPG installations. It also carries out routine technical inspections every 4 and 8 years, in accordance with the State Agency of Metrological and Technical Surveillance.

Business applications

Live-stock farming
The LPG supply system of V-gas offers optimal solution in maintaining proper temperature, for example in cattle-breeding farms. The adjustable temperature and the calm environment with the proper humidity ensure increased productivity. It is used in pig-breeding farms, poultry farms and in breeding of new-born animals.
Automated heating systems that work with LPG are used in green houses for growing agricultural products and cultivation of seeds by ensuring safety in the production and reducing the risks that go with plant raising. In addition, the formation of water vapours from the burning process act conductively to the growing process of all kinds of vegetables.
The LPG supply system of V-gas is successfully applied in drying of grain, tobacco, herbs, peppers, seeds, fruits, mushrooms etc. The system ensures hygienic working environment and can be installed anywhere.  

LPG is also used in:
•    Meat processing industry, raw nuts baking
•    Glass and ceramic producing/processing factories
•    Salterns, plastics production and tyres
•    Metal producing/processing plants
•    Hydro-insulation applications
•    Dry cabinets for paintworks
•    Swimming pool heating
•    etc

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V-Gas relies on its qualified and trained personnel who takes care of the whole service for its clients and partners – from filling LPG in cylinders through delivery, installation, instructing and maintaining the company owned equipment. Our clients can benefit from services such as: technical, logistical, training, consulting etc.


V-Gas offers on the Bulgarian market one of the most environmental – friendly automotive fuels – Autogas (a mixture of carbohydrates, mainly propane and butane). It is used as an automotive fuel for more than 60 years and has some impressive technical features, concerning ecology. Compared with ordinary fuels, Autogas lacks the emission of heavy metal chemical compounds. In the burning/oxidation process there is no generation of fine particles with abrasive properties, that could lead to premature wear of an internal combustion engine.
V-GAS offers LPG wholesale from all its supply bases to its customers with their own truck cisterns.

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Address: Solunska Str. 2, Sofia 1000

National contact number for orders of cylinders:   0700 20 204
tel. 02 823 73 37
fax 02 828 47 78

Orders of gas:  orders@v-gas.bg
Orders of cylinders:  cylinders@v-gas.bg
Customer Service Unit:  customer.service@v-gas.bg
Technical Service Unit:  technical.service@v-gas.bg
Sales and Marketing Unit:  sales@v-gas.bg
Financial Unit:  finance@v-gas.bg
Human Resources Unit:  human.resources@v-gas.bg